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SULTAN WASH pays tribute to the iconic blue work.
It is in Brittany, with the last local manufacture of the region, that we manufacture our work clothes.
100% heavy moleskin cotton or 100% cotton twill, our pants, our jackets and our coats are designed in the pure tradition of the origin of this garment.
These parts are then washed many times, dyed and reprocessed.
The colors obtained are unique and sublime in time.



It is at the end of the 19th century, that the blue of work is born.
It begins with wearing a blouse with a belt that will turn into a jacket to which will be added pants.
Soon the blue of work became the clothes of the workmen.
It is blue in its early days because it was a fashionable color since the 18th century.
At that time, this color was found in many trades such as sailors, factors or the military.

The goal was also to dress workers with a low-cost, dirty work clothes.
Blue was perfect for miners and factory workers and quickly became the workwear of choice.
The blue of work is at the beginning acquired by each employee with his own means.
Salary claims will change things later and the company will supply work clothes to its employees.


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