SULTAN is born from the love of rare and old products.

The SULTAN WASH line creates ready-to-wear collections from old military clothing and workwear found in flea markets and flea markets. These clothes are first cut, processed, then dyed and also diverted from their original use.

The brand loves above all the irreproachable quality of the fabrics of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, s, their excellent manufacturing qualities, their natural materials (thick cottons, virgin wool, linen, hemp, ...).



SULTAN WASH finds its main inspiration in the American style from the 20's to the 60's, workwear, resistant denim, old chinos.

The brand also pays particular attention to the choice of colorations to give each piece colors and unique asperities. Our dyeing techniques, material treatments, aging, have become our true know-how.

SULTAN is a brand of iconic clothing with simple and timeless cuts that always bring a touch of originality in details and finishes.



SULTAN Fabrique, the second line created in the mid-2000s, resumes the desire to work with beautiful materials,
always natural even in finishes (silk or cotton threads, mother-of-pearl, horn or wood buttons).
This line creates ultra comfortable, mixed clothes that can be worn season after season.


Jeremy Sultan, creator of the brand SULTAN is also a fabric colorist.
He composes for his clients complete ranges of specific colors on different supports: cotton, linen, satin, leather, wood.
The shades are handmade from natural pigments.

Since the creation of SULTAN WASH, colors, dyes and shades are the essence of the brand's collection.
The stages are numerous, the fabrics are washed, discolored, dyed, softened or hardened. They become very soft or very dry depending on the aspect that we want to give them.

Some large fashion houses entrusted him with the development of their color range for their fashion shows and their collection.
Today, SULTAN WASH provides its customers with its experience and know-how to achieve thousands of exclusive shades.